Short Inspirational Animal Stories for Kids

Focusing on Love, Happiness & Kindness

Bella Rose & Friends offers original, short kids' stories about animals who learn to be brave in spite of their worries and fears - and find love and acceptance with the help of people and other animals.


These heartwarming and inspiring stories - told by the animals themselves - are suitable for children of all ages - and are enjoyable for the entire family.


The animals see that it is their differences that make them special - and that even though there is hardship, even though they may be scared - if they can be brave and hold happiness in their hearts -  everything gets better and better.


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Original short stories for children of all ages & the young at heart
Short messages about love, happiness & kindness
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Read & listen to original short stories
by and about animals. For children
of all ages and the young at heart.



Enjoy uplifting and inspirational messages from Bella Rose & Friends about love, happiness, and kindness.


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I recommend this site for all of my friends with kids. The stories are absolutely adorable!


I love your website and the sweet healing stories you have written for young and old. The photos are so beautiful and such love has gone into your stories and their presentation.

This put a smile on my face and warmed my heart.



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Bella Rose and Friends offers original short stories and messages focusing on love, happiness, and kindness. All are by and about the animals here at
For children of all ages and the young at heart.


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