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Our Friend Buddy Om - Helping Kids Read & Spreading Love at Yoga Class

Updated: Feb 1

Buddy Om is our friend who lives by the sea. He was rescued from the animal shelter and is now a Canine Good Citizen Therapy Dog.

Buddy Om never believed he would be so happy and have such an important job back when he was in the animal shelter. He was sad and scared, but then he met his special person Gina who helped him remember how special and lovable he was!

And now he spreads love, joy, and lightheartedness wherever he goes! And he goes to a lot of places to visit people.

Buddy Om and Gina spend 30 hours a month helping their community. Buddy goes to the Library for the Read to Kids Program where he helps challenged kids feel safe while reading. He's really good at that.

He also goes to Senior Communities to help teach yoga to senior citizens! He likes to stop at the front desk to say Hi and get a pat, then he makes another stop for a cookie, then he runs to class where all the students greet him when he comes in. He loves his job. He gets and gives so much love - and he says it feels so good to help people.

Buddy can tell if someone is having a hard time and needing some love and reassurance. He'll go and sit next to those people just to say "It's OK, I know what it's like to feel down, I'll be your friend. Just Be Happy and Be You!"

Next to his job helping kids and seniors, Buddy Om loves to go to the beach to play ball

and meet new people. He also likes to sing along and can sing just like a coyote!

(Listen to Buddy sing a coyote song)

He says his coyote songs always make people laugh - and laughing is really good to do. People should laugh more, Buddy says!

You can read more about Buddy Om in the Spring 2016 issue of Coastal Canine Magazine. He's so special he has his own article!

We love you Buddy Om! Thanks for sharing your story and coyote songs with us!


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