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New Story: Our Friend the Moon & Her Silvery Songs

We've added a new story about our friend the Moon - we hope you enjoy it!

Our Friend the Moon & Her Silvery Songs: The nighttime is a very special time. That's when the soft, silvery moon is easiest to see. I love it when the cool night comes and I get to listen to the silvery moon's tinkly voice.

Sometimes at night, when it's dark, you can feel like you don’t have a best friend. But then you meet the moon, and she can be your best friend of all! She gives you cool, comforting energy and she makes you feel better too. Back when I was alone and feeling sad – before I found my forever home – it was hard to think happy thoughts. My body hurt so much. It felt like things were going down, down, down. And it was hard for me to look up. That's when I heard the silvery moon singing.

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