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Short Inspirational Animal Stories
for Children

Bella Rose and Friends - Original short kid's stories by & about animals & nature friends.

Inspiring Stories - By & About Animals

Bella Rose and Friends offers original short stories and messages focusing on love, happiness, kindness and bravery.

These heartwarming and inspiring stories - told by the animals themselves - are suitable for children of all ages - and are enjoyable for the entire family.

The animals see that it is their differences that make them special - and that friends are all around us when we can be brave and hold happiness in our hearts.


Featuring Animal & Nature Friends


Stories & Messages


& Inspiring


Enjoyable for the Entire Family

About Love, Kindness & Bravery

Some people talk to animals.

Not many listen though.

That's the problem.

A. A. Milne, Winne-the-Pooh


Reader Comments

"I recommend this site for all of my friends with kids. The stories are absolutely adorable!"


"I love your website and the sweet healing stories you have written for young and old. The photos are so beautiful and such love has gone into your stories and their presentation."


"Wonderfully positive stories for kids of all ages! Many blessings to you and the animal friends who are featured."


Featured Story

LilyBug Learns You're Perfect
Just As You Are


LilyBug is a kitty cat who was left on the side of the road because she wasn't fluffy enough. See how LilyBug learned to be brave even when she was really scared... and with the Angel's encouragement, found her true home... where her differences make her special and she's loved just the way she is!

Read or listen to LilyBug's story

Enjoy Heartwarming & Inspiring Content

Bella Rose Finds Her Forever Home Story Cover

Kid's Stories

Read & listen to original short stories by and about animals. For children of all ages and the young at heart.

Insipirational Message from Bella Rose & Friends Stories

Short Messages

Enjoy uplifting and inspirational messages from Bella Rose & Friends about love, happiness, and kindness.

Kids drawing of Jaxy the horse

Happiness Blog

In our Happiness Blog, we share our messages, answer questions, and post drawings.

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