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Reader Comments

Read what others have to say about Bella Rose & Friends' short stories for kids.

"The stories/messages are delightful, I found myself smiling...they are like a warm hug."
~ Elaine B.


"LOVE your incredibly heartwarming stories from the animals point of view. I enjoyed reading them! Also the blog so kids can interact and ask the author questions about the characters.....very sweet!"
~ Monique

"Wonderfully positive stories for kids of all ages! Am so excited to read this one and some of the earlier chapters. Many blessings to you and the animal friends who are featured."
 ~ Judy L.


"Love when children's stories help connect us to the animals." 
~ Ana Maria

"Hobicat Goes to Heaven is all kinds of beautiful!! It filled my heart with so much love, watery eyes, and a big, big smile. I had to go love on each of my 3 fur baby kitties napping around the house—and send some big love to my fur baby pups that are on the other side. Blessings and so much love to you!! Hobiecat!! Hobiecat!! Hobiecat!!😁
~ Ren

"I just read your most beautiful and precious Hobicat Goes to Heaven and Shares what He Learned. Tears are falling down my face. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story. I'm touched and my heart is so full.  Bless you."
~ Linda B.


"LilyBug Learns You're Perfect Just As You Are is a beautiful story! It is very sweet!
~ Katie



"I listened to your story Hobicat Goes to Heaven and found it so sweetly written. Even though intended for children, in my opinion it will help any adults who [are] afraid of death, etc. Nice job, I will check out the other stories when I am able to, I've got it bookmarked! And it is so sweet that you have it available free for all, how kind of you!

~ Julie

"Hanky's Wishes for the World is such a fun and sweet story!"

~ Dawn




"Your stories are amazing!"
 ~ Jessica

"Beautiful story and photos. Sometimes I get sad missing friends that are so far away. I try to look up and know that we are sharing the same moon together. Thank you for sharing the sweet, silvery reminder in Our Friend the Moon & Her Silvery Songs. I appreciate you Bella Rose and your Friends."
 ~ EM

"Hobicat Goes to Heaven is the sweetest and most healing story. I love the illustrations. How comforting for children -- and adults who have lost a loved one or a pet or have fear about dying. Thank you!"
 ~ Margie


"What a touching gift that teaches and is a joy to read."
 ~ SG

"The whole site is just beautiful. The recorded stories are wonderful. I love it!"
 ~ Sharon

"Buddy Om and I are so delighted and appreciate you including his story on your website. Gratitude for all you do also to make a difference!"
 ~ Gina & Buddy Om


"What a lovely storybook."
 ~ Lisa



"Bella Rose Finds Her Forever Home is such a sweet story."
 ~ Jessica


"Beautiful stories :)"
 ~ Aurore

"Love these stories."
 ~ Shari



"This put a smile on my face and warmed my heart."
 ~ Tina


"I love your website and the sweet healing stories you have written for young and old. The photos are so beautiful and such love has gone into your stories and their presentation."
 ~ Marjorie


"What you are doing here is inspiring! Well done :)"
 ~ Jenny

"Loved the story. Very beautiful."
 ~ Linda

"Adorable kiddies book."
 ~ Judy

"We loved it!"
 ~ Angele

"Loved the story."
 ~ Dan

"I recommend this site for all of my friends with kids. The stories are absolutely adorable!!!!"
 ~ Allysa

"Beautifully touching! Thank you for this inspirational web site that is so personable to connect us with our four legged friends. It is beautiful, warm, touching and inviting! I wish there was something like this I could have reached out to in my tough and challenging times as a child. Good for you making this available and so welcoming! I feel I can reach out and touch Bella Rose and her friends..."
 ~ Elayne Marie

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