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Hanky's Wishes for the World Kid's Story

Hanky's Wishes for the World

Hanky is a one-of-a-kind horse who has magic blankets, magic food, and who loves to get sprinkled with magical moon beams.


Find out what Hanky wishes for all creatures - from the squirrels to the elephants and everyone in between - and people too in this tender-hearted short story.

PS. He adds ongoing insights too.

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By Hanky


Hi! I'm Hank the horse - but all the girls call me Hanky.

I'm a lucky guy. I've always had lots of love in my life. I know a lot of horses and other animals don't have all the wonderful blessings I have. So I got to thinking. What I would wish for others....if I could make wishes come true?

Mostly, I wish everyone would know love. And have everything they need to be healthy and happy. Like I have. I think the world would be a better place if everyone felt loved and cared for.

So here are my wishes for the world. And because I'll probably have more to say as time goes on, I wanted my story to be titled Hanky's Wishes for the World & Ongoing Insights.

Wish #1 - Blankets for Everyone

Two horses eating - one wearing a blanket

Blankets are so cozy. They gather up and hold all the love that people have for you. All the good, warm thoughts. So you feel like you're being tucked in with a giant love hug.

I love wearing my blankets. But some horses - like Bella Rose - don't feel comfortable wearing a real blanket.

Instead, Bella Rose prefers to wear just a love blanket. A love blanket comes from someone sending you love. The love wraps all around you. Just like a blanket. And it warms you up from the inside out, Bella Rose says. She knows. She's worn lots of love blankets.

The best part is that both real blankets and love blankets let the magical moon beams through. So when we stand outside under the Moon, we get sprinkled with her magical moon beams.

Getting sprinkled with magical moon beams is really fun. When the moon beams shine through the blankets, everybody gets a little tickle. Even the Moon!

Two horses eating under the smiling full moon.

Bella Rose and I love our blankets so much. We get a little sad thinking of all the cold horses and other animals that don't have someone to bring them a real blanket. Or someone to send them a love blanket.

​My wish is that there are blankets for everyone! Little blankets for the squirrels. Big blankets for the elephants. And blankets for everyone in between.

Horse eating with a squirrel in a purple blanket_edited.png
Elephant wearing a blanket

Squirrel Blanket

Elephant Blanket - Source

Sometimes Groups of People Give Blankets

Once a group of people asked Patagonia to make elephant blankets for an elephant sanctuary – that's a place where the elephants can live safely and get everything they need to be happy. The nice people who made the elephant blankets put Velcro on the chest part. That way, the elephants could take the blanket off with their trunks if they got too warm.

Other people knit sweaters for rescued elephants at Wildlife SOS in India to keep them cozy and show love.

Patagonia’s elephant blankets and the knitted sweaters also came with love blankets from all the good thoughts and love of the people who helped design, produce and donate them for the elephants.

Some Creatures Make Their Own Blankets

Two bats hanging upside down

Bats hang upside down and wrap themselves in their wings to make a blanket (Source)

Caterpillar in a partial cocoon

Caterpillars wrap themselves up in a blanket cocoon​ while they wait to become a butterfly (Source)

I think the world would be a better place if everyone had blankets. Blankets to keep them warm and cozy. And blankets to hold all the love around them.

​I wonder if the people who do bad things might be cranky. Either cranky from the cold weather or cranky from not having enough love.

​Maybe if they had a blanket to keep them warm and a blanket to hold all the good thoughts and love around them like a big hug, they wouldn't be so cranky and do bad things.

​Maybe - if we sent the whole world a big love blanket hug - everyone would feel better. Let's try it!

Sending Love & Hugs


Wish #2 - Magic Food for Everyone

Horse and squirrel eating together.jpg

If I could make another wish for the world – besides blankets for everyone – it would be that everyone could have their own special food. Magic food!

Like a special recipe food to make you feel better. For every person. Every animal. Every bird. Every insect. Every sea creature. And all the plants too.

So that everyone got all the nutrition they needed – all served up with a big scoop of love!

Once I got very, very sick and I lost a lot of weight. It was close to winter time and I needed to have extra pounds to help keep me warm.

That’s when I got a special magic blanket and my magic food.

My magic blanket reflected my body heat back to me. It felt so good! Especially when the magical moon beams came through and added extra love.

My special magic food had lots of extra calories to help me gain weight quickly. It worked! And it made me feel spunky too!

I still have my magic food twice a day - even though I feel all better now. It's so good, the squirrels like to share with me. Magic food for everyone, I say!

Wish #3 - That Everyone Could Tell Their Story

I had so much fun sharing my story – my wishes for the world – with you. I wish everyone could tell their story.

Everybody has a story – people, the animals, the trees. Even the little bugs. Everybody's story is important. It's what makes them very special!

I think the world could be a better place if we understood how special everybody is. Every one of us matters and has lots of good stuff to share with the world.  

Maybe if we could get to know everybody better through their stories, we'd understand them better and have even more friends!

Part 2: Hanky's Ongoing Insights

1) The Moon Has Moods Like Everyone Else

Did you know the Moon is alive? She's not just some rock in space. She has moods like everyone else does.

She gets tickled and happy and sad too. Mostly she gets sad because people don't notice she's there.

We love the Moon and she's a good friend to us. Bella Rose has a cute story about the moon you might like:  Our Friend the Moon & Her Silvery Songs.

Did You Know? The Moon is alive and had moods like everyone

2) If You Hit a Rocky Patch, Keep Going

Even though things sometimes get a little rocky – it's important to keep going.

Like when you're on a trail and you hit a rocky part. If you keep going, it'll smooth out.

Horses, like me, really know about trails and being sure-footed.

Like my friend Jaxy says, trails always smooth out. Some are real sharp and rocky and some not so much. Either way, little by little, you can get through any kind of rocky patch.

Just keep going.

❀  ‧ ‧ The End  ‧ ‧  ❀
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