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Our Friend the Moon & Her Silvery Songs story cover

Our Friend the Moon & Her Silvery Songs

Sometimes at night, when it's dark, you can feel like you don’t have a best friend. But then you meet the moon, and she can be your best friend of all!  She's everywhere you are and her soft, cheerful songs make you feel better:  Keep looking up... Don't get down... Good things are coming.  Learn how you can be a good friend to the moon too.

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By Bella Rose


The nighttime is a very special time. That's when the soft, silvery moon is easiest to see.

I love it when the cool night comes and I get to listen to the silvery moon's tinkley voice. 


Sometimes at night, when it's dark, you can feel like you don’t have a best friend. But then you meet the moon. And she can be your best friend of all!  She gives you cool, comforting energy. And she makes you feel better too.

Back when I was alone and feeling sad – before I found my forever home – it was hard to think happy thoughts. My body hurt so much.

It felt like things were going down, down, down. And it was hard for me to look up.

That's when I heard the silvery moon singing.

Hearing the Moon's Soft, Tinkley Songs

First, the sound was so very, very soft. It sounded like humming. As I listened closer,  the humming turned into words:

"Look up;
Look up in the sky;
Keep looking up;
I'm here..."

Her voice sounded soft and tinkley – almost like a moon chime.

Illustration of the moon signing songs

Her songs flowed to earth like silvery ribbons dancing in the sky:


"Don't get down;
It's going to get better;
Hold on;
Good things are coming;
Remember to look up;
I'm always here..."



Hearing the moon perked me right up. She helped me feel there was hope and that I wasn't all alone. Her cheerful songs lifted my heart and made my whole body feel better.

The silvery moon became my best friend that night.

Her friendship was one of the biggest things that kept me holding on.

The moon can be your best friend, too.

The Moon Is Always There with Her Friendship

I hope anyone who's sad – any person or creature – knows the moon is always there with her friendship. It doesn’t matter that she's high in the sky. It's better, really.

Because that means your friend is everywhere you are. You just have to look up.

When she first hummed to me, she was full and big in the sky. But even as she got smaller, I realized her silvery voice was still there...

"Look up,
Look up in the sky,
Keep looking up,
I'm here..."


Even in the daytime you can still hear her voice. It's really quiet. But it's still there if you listen closely.

She talks to everyone and she knows how to say just enough to make you feel better.

The Moon Helps You Feel Better when You're Sick

Illustration of a horse lying under the singing moon

It's really helpful to talk to the moon and listen for her soft, tinkley voice if you or your animal is sick.

Meeting the moon in the cool of the night gives you soft, comforting energy. It's silvery and bluish and special!

I think if sick people and animals spent some time in the moonlight they would feel better.

All Animals Love the Moon

All animals love the moon. Even the sea creatures do. She reflects you like a big mirror in the sky and her silvery light lifts you right up.

Collage of animals under the moon

How to Be a Good Friend to the Moon

Sometimes the moon can get a little sad because not everyone notices she's there or hears her songs.

You can be a good friend to the moon by:

  1. Remembering she's right there all the time. Even in cloudy weather and during the day, the moon is always there.  She's just easier to see when it's dark and she's shining bright.

  2. Listening for her soft, tinkley voice.

  3. Learning more about her.

  4. Understanding the special lessons she teaches.

  5. Telling her how much you appreciate her friendship and companionship.

Special Things to Learn About the Moon

Did you Know facts about the Moon

Special Lessons the Moon Teaches Us

Our friend the Moon teaches us special and important lessons to always remember. She shows us that:

  1. The light of others can help us glow even brighter. We can all shine together.

  2. We can be gentle and strong at the same time.

  3. Like the fullness of the Moon, good things are always taking shape behind the scenes. Even if we don't see them.

  4. If we hold on, and keep looking up, good things will come!

Thank You, Moon

Thank you, Moon. We LOVE you and appreciate your friendship!

Animals together under the Moon saying Thank You
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