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Hobicat Goes to Heaven - Short Kids Story at Bella Rose &

Hobicat Goes to Heaven

& Shares What He Learned

Hobicat goes on a fun-filled journey when the Angels come to take him to Heaven. He floats in the big bowl of Love, meets a new friend, and plays in fields of light. Then he comes back to visit and shares all the important things he learned.

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By Hobicat


Hi, my name is Hobicat (like the Hobiecat playboats), but everyone calls me Hobi. This is a story about my trip to Heaven and all the important things I learned....

One late summer day as I woke from my nap, I heard the Angels whisper, “Hobi, it's time to go soon.”

“Go where?” I asked.

“Back home. To Heaven,” they said.

“To Heaven! Why?” I asked.

“Your work here on Earth is done, Hobi. You did a fabulous job! You were an excellent mouser and watch cat. But most importantly, you were a comforting companion and friend to all who were lucky enough to know you.

“In fact, you'll be remembered for being loyal and gentle, steady and strong, and also lighthearted and joyful. Those are wonderful accomplishments that anyone would be proud of!

“Trust us, Hobi. You'll understand better after your life review in Heaven. During your review, you'll see and feel all you contributed here.

“For now, enjoy the final days of your beautiful Earth life. We'll be back soon – once your body and your spirit are both ready to go back home,” the Angels said before flying away.

“OK,” I said.

Waiting and Wondering

I wondered what it would be like in Heaven.

I really loved my life here on Earth. I loved being in my cat body and having breakfast in the mornings. I loved to run and play and climb trees. I loved to sleep in the sun.

I really loved to stay awake at night to watch the moon and the stars and to listen to the crickets sing.

But when it's time to go, it's just time.

While I waited for my body to be ready to go, which took a while, I got to take in every sight, sound, and smell of my special home and life. I wanted to remember it all. It was very, very nice.

Up High in The Big Bowl of Love

One night, while everyone was sleeping, the Angels came for me.

As my spirit left my cat body I felt so light and free! It was a wonderful feeling.

I flew with the Angels and got to see everything from up high. You know cats love to be up high!

Hobicat flies with the Angels up high

Up high, it's soft and peaceful – like floating in a big bowl of Love.

Up high, it's soft and peaceful, like floating in a big bowl of love

It felt so good I floated for a bit to soak it all in. Then the Angels and I whisked among the stars straight up to Heaven. It was so much fun!

Welcome to Heaven, Hobi

When we got there, Lily - a gray girl kitty who looked just like me - and her friend Lotus Moon met me at the gates.

“Welcome to Heaven, Hobi. My name is Lily and this is Lotus Moon, our greeter,” she said.

Lily & Lotus Moon welcome Hobi to Heaven

“Thank you Lily and Lotus Moon. I'm new here,” I said.

“I know,” Lily chuckled, “I'm your first friend here and I'll be showing you around today.” The Angels nodded in agreement and off we went.

Lily and I ran through fields of light and scampered up every tree we could imagine!

It's really fun in Heaven because whatever you imagine takes shape right in front of you!

Hobi plays in shimmering fields of light with Lily

Lily and I even shifted into birds so we could fly high. Then we shifted back into cats and ran through more shimmering fields.

Next, Lily showed me how I could take my spirit back to Earth to visit all the friends I had made in my life.

That sounded really fun!

Coming Back to Visit & Seeing Angels Everywhere

When I went back to visit, the Angels accompanied me. This time, I saw Angels everywhere!

I learned that everyone has an Angel assigned to them – every animal, person, plant, tree, and insect has an Angel to watch over them and guide them. Sometimes, they have more than one.

The Angels explained that they are here to help with everything.

And it was super cool because the Angels showed me how my spirit body could be in many places at once. That was very different than being in my cat body.

Since I could go to more than one place at a time, I wanted to go home to see Cris and back to my first home with Elayne and her Mom.

It was so much fun!

I ran with Cris as she did her morning chores. In her heart, I could hear her call to me like she did every morning as I scampered about.

“Hobicat! Hobicat! Hobicat!,” she'd say with enthusiasm to encourage me to run faster. It always worked.

This was our favorite morning game. I loved that she still played with me in her heart.

Next, I saw Elayne by the magical walnut tree where we first met. She was telling me all the things she loved about me and thanking me for being in her life and being such a good friend.

Hobi comes back to visit Elayne at the magical walnut tree

I meowed at Elayne and scampered up the tree. Even though she couldn't see me with her eyes, I could tell in my heart that she heard me meow and heard the walnut tree's leaves rustle as I flew by.

It felt so good to feel all the love everyone had for me!

It was like I could feel all the love from people on Earth 10 times over! The Angels confirmed that's how it worked.

I'd still feel the love now – only more!

Every time someone thought of me, played with me in their heart, or talked to me I felt all the good vibes times 10!

Love Goes Round and Round

“How come I still feel the love of people on Earth when I'm all the way in Heaven?” I asked the Angels.

The Angels chuckled, “Hobi, it's really not that far. It just seems like it when you are on Earth. Truly, all our loved ones in Heaven are just a thought away.

“Now that you're in Heaven, it's your job to receive all that love – and then spread the good vibes back to all the people, plants, and animals on Earth so that everyone can get some extra love.”

“That sounds like an important job,” I said.

“It's the most important job ever, Hobi,” the Angels said as they smiled at me. “You did a fabulous job sharing your love on Earth so we know you'll be really good at this.”

“I'll do my very best!” I said.

Since I'm lucky enough to share my story with you, I want to make sure you know it's really important for you to talk and play with your special person or pet after they leave Earth – even if you only do so with your thoughts or imagination. It still sends love from your heart and that's all that matters.

Love is always Love. It never changes. Even though an animal's or person's body isn't here anymore – their love still is.

Hobi learns Love goes round and round

Love never dies. You can still feel it and your loved ones in Heaven still feel it. And all the love can go round and round, if you let it.

7 More Lessons from Hobi's Life Review

After I visited everyone and went back home with the Angels, it was time for my life review.

In my review, I learned of all the important things I came to Earth to do. And all that I helped to teach the people in my life.

It turns out I had a really important job on Earth and I was responsible for lots of good things!

I'd like to share with you seven more important things I learned:

  1. Don't get swayed or rattled by the little stuff. It's just not worth it. The pesky little things are just floating in a big field of Love. The big Love is always there – steady and unwavering. Focus on that more and don't let the little floating things get you down.

  2. Always be gentle. Everyone will remember you for that. And plus, it's just really good to do. The Earth and everyone on it needs more gentleness.

  3. Every morning is a brand new day. Celebrate and enjoy it. Purr when you're happy. You'll spread good energy and feel better too.

  4. Run and play a little every day. When you have fun and are happy, you lift the spirits of everyone around you – and then some.

  5. Be nice to the birds. Their songs lift the hearts of many. Plus, they can fly with the Angels and take all your wishes to Heaven if you ask them.  

  6. The Angels are all around to help with every little thing. Every person, animal, tree, plant, and insect has an Angel to watch over them and guide them. If you need the Angel's help, just ask.

  7. Please remember that when animals or people leave Earth, their love for you is always near. Heaven isn't that far away. And when you remember them - or talk to them or play with them in your heart - they can still feel your love and help to spread it around too. You can help make the love go round and round!

Ok, that's all for now. Lily and I are going to go play some more.

Hobicat goes off to play

Sending all my love times 10!

Furry Hugs,

❀  ‧ ‧ The End  ‧ ‧ ❀
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