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Karma Asks Bella Rose: Will Hanky Wear His Super Hero Costume for Halloween?

Karma from California writes:

"Hi Bella, Can you ask Hanky if he is wearing his Super Hero mask for Halloween? When I read your stories I do believe - you are all heroes. Thank you. Oh, and I will be a black cat for Halloween. It's easy for my mom to dress me up in that costume and it's not too scary for me, Watch out, I bet Hanky will play a fun trick on you! And enjoy the treats your mom gives you. Furry Hugs, Karma"

Hi Karma!

What a pretty name you have. Thank you for writing in with your question for Hanky.

Hanky says he does have his Super Hero costume all ready for Halloween! He loves to dress up. And he loves being a Super Hero too!

Hanky's Halloween Super Hero costume
Hanky's Halloween Super Hero costume

How fun that you get to be a black cat for Halloween. Have fun trick or treating! We'll all be enjoying our treats - mostly carrots. I hope you enjoy your treats too.

And I'm sure Hanky and Jaxy will be playing tricks on Polly Anna and me. Those rascals!

Love and hugs to you,

Bella Rose and Hanky


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