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Mason Asks: How Many Minutes is it to Heaven?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Mason from California asks after reading Hobicat Goes to Heaven & Shares what He Learned:

"I was wondering how many minutes it is to Heaven? I also want to know if you miss HobiCat? "

Hi Mason!

Thank you for your question for Hobicat! We do miss him - we all miss him every day, but we still think of him and talk to him with our thoughts. And sometimes he talks back!

I asked him how many minutes it is to Heaven - and he said, "Heaven is really just a thought away!"

He said, "I flew with the Angels up to Heaven when they came for me. It was like slow motion flying, but it was really, really fun! It seemed like we were there in the blink of an eye, but maybe it took 10 minutes or less. It's really not that far."

He wants you to always remember, Mason, that even if your special pet or person goes to Heaven, you can still talk to them with your thoughts. You can remember all the fun times spent playing with them. Both things will send your special pet or person Love. We can send Love to everyone in Heaven and they always send their love back. The Love can go round and round always.

Hobicat wanted us to share some special messages for you Mason - he sends his Love and lots of Furry Hugs!

Hobicat answers Mason's question
Hobicat Says .....

Love and hugs to you,

Bella Rose and Hobicat


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