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Everyone Experiences a Storm Inside

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Everyone Experiences a Storm Inside - Bella Rose and Friends Stories
Everyone Experiences a Storm Inside - Bella Rose and Friends Stories

Just like outside storms that bring dark clouds and bad weather, we all experience storms inside.

Trouble or worry is like a storm cloud that passes through inside your mind and heart. And it can make you feel sad. You can get a cold feeling inside and feel all alone. Like thoughts about missing a family member, pet, or friend who is no longer here on earth.

Just like with outside storms, when everyone groups together to help one another, an inside storm is an important time to reach out for comfort from others.

Sometimes when you’re troubled about something you can get a little frozen – and it's hard to reach out to others. But it's better to share the trouble and worry with others. That way you don't feel so alone.

And if you're all alone, you can still reach out to whatever is around - your animals, the plants, trees, birds, insects – or even to the Angels.

Storms always pass. They don’t come and stay. Storm clouds will pass just like a rain cloud passes by and is followed by the sun.

Making the Sun Come out with Sunny Thoughts

Back before I found my forever home, when I was alone, on my own, and not doing well I learned how to make sunshine myself. I learned to make the sun come out inside by thinking a sunny thought.

Like thinking and feeling that you are warm inside even when you are cold. Or if your foot hurts, you can send it a sunny thought and warm it up a bit.

It doesn’t mean that every thought will be sunny. Clouds and sad thoughts will come. But they will pass through if you let them be. And the sunny sky will return.

But if you are in a difficult situation, you can make the sun come sooner inside by making sunny thoughts and reaching out to others.


Bella Rose & Hanky

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