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Look for the Birds of Happiness

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Look for the birds of happiness -
Look for the birds of happiness -

Back before I found my forever home, when I was all alone and having a hard time, the birds were so wonderfully helpful.

Birds have such happy hearts. They’d come down low in the trees and sing. They sounded so happy and they added their happiness to mine.

Birds are almost everywhere and they can help you be happy too.

If you don’t see the birds where you are, know that everyone has a little bird singing inside their heart…so if a real bird doesn’t come for a while, look and listen for the bird in your own heart.

The birds are like Angels. They can fly really close to Heaven and take a message if you need something.

Bird flying high over a lake in the mountains
Birds can fly close to Heaven - Bella Rose & Friends Stories


Bella Rose

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