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Tend the Seed of Happiness in Your Heart

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Tend the seed of happiness in your heart -
Tend the seed of happiness in your heart -

If there was one thing I could tell you - one thing that you could believe with all your heart - it's that no matter what's happening, no matter how hard or challenging the circumstances, whether it's trouble in school or you're not feeling well – try not to worry too much because everything gets better…..And if you get happy, it helps.

People - and animals - often look for something outside of themselves to make them happy. But everyone has a seed of happiness in their own heart and you can grow it from the inside.

You can put water on it and make it grow by noticing all the things - big and small - that make you happy. Like:

  • A beautiful flower

  • The sun's warmth

  • A friend's smile

  • The taste of your favorite ice cream

  • A dog playing in the park

When you tend to the happiness in your own heart and help it grow, someone will come in and match it – and the happiness will grow even bigger.

Even if you are going through something hard and it seems really dark, remember that seeds sprout in the dark – and the seed of happiness can start to grow if you tend to it. As it grows it goes to the light and you can go to the light right along with it….and everything gets better.


Bella Rose

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