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Patti Asks: Bella Rose What Are You Most Grateful For?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Patti writes:

"Hi Bella Rose, It’s been a rough time for so many people and animals this past year. I’m wondering, what are you most grateful for? Thank you for bringing hope and happy stories to all of us!"

Hi Patti!

I'm so glad you are enjoying our stories. Thank you for writing in with this wonderful question.

Gratitude is always so helpful and healing, isn't it? Happiness is too.

When I met my friend Polly Anna, she told me:

"Even if you feel you don't have anything to be grateful for – be grateful anyway. Sure enough, something will show up … something good."

And my friend Hanky told me:

"Next time it gets a little wobbly, think of something that's good. When you focus on what's good, you take your mind off the sad parts – and it lets the happiness in. Happiness is always healing."

My friends are so wise! During my challenging times - when I was all alone or when my foot hurt so badly - it was hard for me to look up. That's when the Angels and my nature friends reminded me to take heart in the goodness and beauty that are all around...

I learned to tend the seed of happiness in my own heart and make it grow. I met my good friend the Moon, noticed the stars that shine no matter who watches them, listened to the birds who sing simply because they are happy, and learned that trees are wonderful friends when no one else is around.

This past year, I've been grateful for my family and friends and for the beauty that is all around me. Here are some magical pictures to share. I love hearts and rainbows, don't you?

Full rainbow in the blue sky
Rainbows are magic in the sky
Heart-shaped leaf on the ground
Nature leaves hearts for us everywhere!
Heart shaped cloud in a blue sky over golden hills with trees
...Even as clouds in the sky

In life, we all have unique challenges. Some times are just more wobbly than others. When we have a storm inside, it's important to reach out for comfort from others so we don't feel so alone. And that we remember to take heart in the goodness and beauty that are all around - and to be grateful no matter what - so we can let the happiness in.

And Hanky just reminded me:

"Life doesn't go in a straight line. It goes in a circle. And it always circles back to love."


Bella Rose, Polly Anna & Hanky

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